LC Filters

     Lowpass ♦ Highpass ♦ Bandpass ♦ Bandstop ♦ Multiplexers

  • Custom designs and packaging
  • Superior temperature stability to > 100°C
  • Tchebychev, Pole/Zero, Cross-Coupled and Time-Domain designs
  • 0.5% multi-octave bandwidths
  • 10 MHz – 5 GHz frequency range
  • Quick turnaround from concept to production
Chip and wire (LC) filters designed from the package up.

ComNav LC Filters have a distinct advantage: since we design for high-volume production, we’re not limited to standard packaging. Each part is designed from the package up, so our customers get the perfect part, electrically and mechanically optimized for their unique application.

Surface-mount components are affixed with high- temperature solder while our tab-lock packaging ensures reliability in extreme re-flow assembly processes. Our manufacturing discipline never compromises on quality, using commercial- grade components, pick-and-place assembly and statistical process control so cost is reduced and performance is consistent across large-scale production runs.

  • IF Filtering
  • Antenna Coupling
  • Noise Reduction
  • Multiplexing
  • Spurious Removal
  • Military C3 Applications
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