About Us

ComNav Engineering was established in 1991 and incorporated in the state of Maine in 1994 by Martin J. Geesaman. Initially the company operated as a sole proprietorship providing engineering consulting services to several microwave filter companies. During this period, a software program entitled Filtroid was developed to assist engineers in designing microwave filters.

ComNav Engineering, as a manufacturer, began as a product group of Control Devices, a GTE subsidiary. Martin Geesaman and Scott Burgess spent three years doing research and development of various coating techniques and ceramic filter typologies. The result was a superior coating technique that yields unparalleled unloaded Q and adhesion. This coating technique along with several proprietary filter typologies translate into the low loss high performance filter structures that are the corner stone of ComNav’s product line today.

As the filter group began to expand and demand more resources, it became a distraction to the rest of Control Devices, whose primary focus is the automotive business. It was decided to spin off the filter group into a separate company. Mr. Geesaman acquired backing to purchase the assets, and folded the filter group into ComNav Engineering. ComNav Engineering began manufacturing operations in June of 1996 as an independent company, though we remain close friends and drinking buddies with Control Devices.

Technology and Capabilities

ComNav Engineering’s core product is microwave filters and filter subsystems. By exploiting our proprietary coating technique, we are able to achieve specs and production yields that other companies dream about. Our cross-coupling and pole/zero typologies allow us to achieve lower loss and higher rejection in a smaller size than the competition with our ceramic products.

In addition to ceramics, we are also very adept at squeezing performance and cost out of cavity and chip and wire (LC) type structures. Using commercial grade components, pick-and-place assembly, and statistical process control, our chip and wire filters can achieve high yields, consistent performance and low cost.

We over-engineer our cavity filters on the front end to decrease assembly and tuning time in production. All of our products are designed at the beginning with high volume in mind. As a result, parts are custom tooled, fixtures are built, and process controls are setup before we go into high volume.

Though ComNav manufactures microwave filters, our true product is engineering expertise. The natural give and take that occurs during the design process allows the company to form a close relationship with our customers. With engineering talent, and modern design software, ComNav Engineering is in an excellent position to provide quick response to customers needs and solve complex engineering problems.

Please take time to browse our extensive listings of bandpass, notch, lowpass, highpass, diplexer and multiplexer filters in our online filter library.

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