Ceramic Filters

Bandpass ♦ Bandstop ♦ Multiplexers
  • Custom-engineered performance at affordable cost
  • Consistently high Q
  • Superior temperature stability to > 100°C
  • Tchebychev, Pole/Zero, Cross-Coupled and Time-Domain designs
  • 300 MHz – 8 GHz frequency range
  • 0.01% – 30 bandwidth
  • Quick turnaround from concept to production
Ceramic filters with customer-specified performance.

When you’ve got ceramic filter specs that demand consistently high performance… when you need it fast, flexible, and affordable… turn to ComNav for custom-engineered ceramics with top quality and consistency, batch-to-batch, lot-to-lot.

ComNav ceramic filters are custom-designed to meet your specifications for medium to high volume applications, and manufactured with rigorous in-process controls to ensure the kind of performance that just can’t be found in off-the- shelf components.

Our superior ceramic materials result in consistently better unloaded Q and adhesion. Our unique All-Pole, Pole/Zero, or Cross-Coupled designs enable us to achieve your specs with a minimum number of resonators, further improving loss and time domain characteristics.

  • Cellular Systems (AMPS, PCS, IDEN)
  • Wireless Internet/WiFi
  • RF Tagging
  • GPS/Glonst
  • Automatic Toll Systems
  • Remote Metering
  • Military C3 Applications
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