Bridge Crew

Marty Geesaman


Marty is the “Grand Pooh Bah” and a co-founder of ComNav. Lee Perry was the other co-founder and a not-so-silent partner. (Rest In Peace LEE!!!) Marty has 40-plus years of experience in microwave and RF, primarily designing and building filters.  Having both a Physics and EE degree through the dual degree program of University of Md. and S.S.U.; some EE grad work at George Washington University, and an M.B.A. from University of Southern Maine, Marty provides the cornerstone of ComNav, providing technical, commercial, cultural and “how to have fun while making money” leadership.

Marty’s heroes are Herb Kelleher, CEO at Southwest Airlines, and Thomas Crapper, the mythical inventor of the flush toilet. An avid reader of political thrillers, there probably isn’t a Flynn or Thor book that Marty hasn’t read. When not discussing new filter designs, he’s probably talking about Aruba, golf, or boats. On the weekends you’ll find him either boating, golfing, or nerding over his computer, writing the next great piece of code for our in-house design software. If you’re lucky, you may catch him in his office wearing bunny slippers and designing a new multiplexer, or going over financials, bitching about taxes.

Kirk Riley

Vice President

Kirk started out as employee #1, a lowly temporary co-op, while working on his master’s degree. In this role, Kirk received much abuse and numerous injuries due to his Neil Young impersonations and dive-right-in attitude. (Why do they put all these sharp edges on the safety cabinet?) After achieving his degree, specializing in DSP, he worked in a large engineering company. After a year, missing the unique culture of ComNav, he returned to become our Engineering Manager. After another 2 years at ComNav, Kirk decided to complete his PhD. Upon completion Kirk again missed the silliness of ComNav and returned to take over the role of Vice President. Now with over 20 years at ComNav Kirk is deeply involved in charting the future of ComNav and its product offerings.

Jamie Johnson

Sales Manager

Jamie has been employed with ComNav since January 2005, but historically has been with the company from the very beginning; set to work behind the scenes winding coils from a young age. Initiating formal employment on the production floor, she soon graduated to working side by side with our business manager, Bethany, in accounting, where the two successfully enjoyed each other’s company and cahoots for many years.

Most recently, Jamie transitioned into the Sales department handling customer relations directly and is now our lead Sales Manager. She has a knack for communications and people skills, which has been a valuable asset while wearing many hats over the years.

Her achievements include a degree in Business Administration and not one but TWO worm ceremonies, which were equally unpleasant if you ask her opinion, but the Hidden Valley Ranch did help ease the grossness. She has been on the board of a nonprofit animal rescue organization since 2012, where her passion for animal welfare has shined and helped many at-risk companions find their forever homes. She enjoys a good historical romance novel, CrossFit, outdoor adventures, digging in the garden, feel-good music, and spending time with her family and dogs. A fresh manicure with a bold glass of Red is always a welcomed treat.

Jamie is available to help with any direct customer needs and prospective projects.

Bethany Burrill

Business Manager

Bethany has been with ComNav since the winter of 1999. Beginning as an assembler in the production department, her computer skills and innate business acumen were quickly recognized and she was promoted to an office assistant. Her prior experience as business manager for a local non-profit theater, and several years of customer service experience at local hotels and hospitals, have proven to be a valuable asset at ComNav.

Over the years, Beth has worked on her college degree in Business Administration and has been promoted to her current position as business manager and chief “Bean Counter”. Beth now takes care of payables and receivables, human resources, payroll, and assists the shipping department with all essential certifications and customs documentation. Bethany is always available to help new customers establish terms, and ensure proper delivery.

Etienne Guillory

Director Of Quality

Etienne is our Director of Quality, responsible for maintaining our ISO9000 certification, and performing incoming and outgoing inspections. A core part of Etienne’s job is ensuring that the parts we ship meet the tolerances and quality standards ComNav demands, and his attention to detail and diligence are a building block of our quality system. With a masters in French Literature of the Middle Ages, having traveled extensively abroad, and speaking five languages; he brings not only a spot of culture to ComNav but also a keen insight into other cultures around the world. Hobbies: Gourmet cooking, specializing in French cuisine.

Shelly Craft

Director of Operations

Shelly is our Duchess of the Dungeon, and has been with the company since our first summer in 1996. During that time, she has worked on every type of filter we make. With her collection of whips and take no prisoners attitude, she keeps production focused, efficient, and running smooth. As Director of Operations, she is responsible for getting the product built, built right, and shipped on time. When Shelly commits to a ship date, short of a meteor crash landing in the middle of the production floor, it will happen. As part of her function as director of operations, she also keeps track of the quality of all incoming resonators, and outgoing quality of our filter products. So, she insures the product is not only shipped on time, but it is built efficiently and meets her anal retentive quality perspective. Shelly really enjoys her vacation cruises to exotic islands with white sands, warm blue waters and sun, sun, sun. The only thing that keeps her going through the Maine winters is an ample supply of chocolate and her love of shoveling snow.


Chief Morale Officer

Annie is our company watch dog, sounding an alarm whenever an unfamiliar face shows up, allowing visitors to enter only upon passing her sniff test. Annie is a key decision maker and attends every meeting. As official keeper of the cookies, any staff member in possession of a cookie jar is responsible for it’s maintenance and regular refilling, she requires additional biscuits per diem upon their return until the difference is satisfied, or until she is satisfied, typically the latter.  In addition, she acts as the company food tester to ensure everyone’s lunch is safe to eat by requesting a sample of all food being eaten on the premises.    Pizza must be thoroughly inspected to make sure it meets her rigorous standards.  All this is followed by making sure there is a calm, relaxing environment by taking multiple naps through out the day in order to deal with the stress of her job.

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